Software Tools

This page contains a collection of software tools for nonlinear dynamics, statistical mechanics, pattern formation, multiagent sytsems, and other areas. It contains software simulators and demo programs considered to be useful in the context of complex systems. It is not ment to be a complete collection.

Programm your own Models

The most flexible simulator is the one you program yourself. You are free to add analysis tools according to your needs. There are different strategies of doing this:
  • use special software for numeric computation (including numerical integrators for an ODE simulator and functions for graphical output) like Mathematica, MatLab, Maple or open source Octave, Scilab
  • use Python along with the SciPy package. 

Customized Software Tools

Nonlinear Dynamics

Gerry's Attraction: 3D Lorenz and Rossler simulation for Mac.

Statistical Mechanics

Xtoys: set of cellular automata simulators for X-windows (Ising and Potts models, and Schrodinger equation).

Pattern Formation

Mirek's Java Cellebration: Java applet that allows playing 300+ Cellular Automata rules and 1400+ patterns.

Multi-Agent Systems

Breve: 3D simulations of multi-agent systems and artificial life (open source) using Python or a scripting language "steve".
Repast: agent-based modeling tool (open source) in Java
Swarm: Multi-agent simulation of complex systems in Java.
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