Enterprise SaaS Solution Consultancy

We create and offeres solutions involving all aspects of Googles enterprise product line. In particular, we offer the following two base packages:
  1. Enterprise Messaging Solution
  2. Enterprise Messaging und Collaboration Solution

Target Markets

While Google operates on a global scale - we limit most of our activities locally in order to provide optimal support for deployment, data migration, user training, system integration and custom application development. Berlin, Germany is an ideal market for Googles enterprise products. With 31 universities and colleges and a total of more then 125.000 students, Berlin is second to non in Europe. Three-third of the institutions have less then 3.000 students. The capital has attracted a large number of international organizations. There are almost no large enterprises in the city, however an abundance of small and medium size business. 

Schools and Universities

Google Apps Education Edition is a free suite of hosted communication & collaboration applications designed for schools and universities. Google Apps includes Gmail (webmail services), Google Calendar (shared calendaring), Google Talk (instant messaging and voice over IP), Google Docs (online document creation & sharing) and a Start Page for creating a customizable homepage on a specific domain, as well as administrative tools, customer support, and access to APIs to integrate Google Apps with existing IT systems.
  • Arizona State University: Adrian Sannier of ASU talks about migration to Google Apps for 65,000 students.

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  • Abilene Christian University: Abilene Christian University speaks about its experience with Google Apps.

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Business and Organizations

Google's web-based messaging and collaboration apps require no hardware or software and need minimal administration, creating tremendous time and cost savings for businesses. End users can use the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface for email, contacts and calendar as they transition to Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • Mobile email, calendar and IM access: With several options for accessing their information while on the go, employees can be productive with Google Apps even when they're not at their desks.
  • 99.9% uptime reliability guarantee (Google Apps Premier Edition): Google guarantees that Google Apps will be available at least 99.9% of the time, so your employees are more productive and so you can worry less about system downtime.
  • 50 times more storage than the industry average: Each employee gets 25 GB for email storage, so they can keep important messages and find them instantly with built-in Google search.
  • Information security and compliance: When you trust your company's information to Google, you can be confident that your critical information is safe and secure.
  • Full administrative and data control: Administrators can deeply customize Google Apps to meet their technical, branding and business requirements.
Google Apps is highly reliable and easy to operate. Google provides basic support for administrators. For end user support and enterprise consultancy, Google relays on its local partners like us to help businesses with deployment, data migration, user training, system integration and custom application developmentLearn more


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